The objective of editorial product placement is to get our clients' products mentioned in product-based features and websites. We target editors, freelance journalists, stylists and bloggers with relevant information, press releases, high quality photography, and product loans to achieve high volumes of coverage across a broad spectrum of consumer media from national and regional newspapers to interior design and lifestyle magazines and blogs.


Our services are aimed at lifestyle and interiors brands and design stores who are selling their products in the UK or are wishing to enter the UK market. We work with clients who have an online shop or a page on their website listing their UK retailers. Our clients need an ongoing  PR service and have high resolution (print quality) cut out and lifestyle images of their products.



Retainer Package

Our retainer package is perfect for clients who wish to know their PR spend in advance. The service includes monthly, bimonthly or quarterly (depending on your budget) press releases, frequent lead submissions and digital cuttings of your press coverage.


Pay-per-Results Package

Our pay-per-results package is aimed at companies who have a minimum of 100 product lines. Pay-per-results PR is a highly efficient and cost effective way to achieve media exposure. It gives you peace of mind because you don't pay unless we deliver results. Each month there is a £300 minimum charge to pay but otherwise, our clients only pay a fee per press cutting after it has appeared in the press and we have provided the cutting to our client as a proof of coverage. We cap your monthly fees so that they don’t spiral out of control. Typically, you won’t see high levels of coverage in the first couple of months, so £300 is all you will be paying. After 4-6 months, you will begin to see the level of coverage we can attain for you as the results of our efforts during the first few months come out in print and online.


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Editorial Product Placement PR for Lifestyle and Design Shops and Brands

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PR raises awareness of your brand or business. Being featured in the press puts you in front of thousands of people who may not have heard of you before. Good PR ensures that the people not only know you're there, but also feel that you are trustworthy, reliable and have something they want. Appearing in an editorial feature adds to your credibility and carries more value than an advertisement because it has the endorsement of the publication it’s written in. Online coverage will also grow your online presence and boost your Google rankings. So if you have exciting products to shout about, PR could be the best route to take to increase your sales and create a positive reputation for your brand.